vegan hiking boots

When someone talks about hiking boots, I’m sure many of you picture bulky, heavy, dark brown, leather boots.  Right?  Well, that is the sort of image I once pictured when I thought of these sort of boots.  What if I were to tell you that that image is actually not accurate anymore? Further, what if I told you that there are vegan hiking boots? Yes, vegan: meaning no animal products were used at all in the making of these boots. Well, get ready for this readers, because vegan, non-leather hiking boots do exist!  I know what some of  you are thinking, “How can non-leather hiking boots be durable and reliable on long trips?”  Well, I asked myself the same question as I was searching for my vegan boots.  But in reality vegan boots do exist and they are durable, have good support, are long lasting, and vegans and non-vegans alike have claimed to love them.

How I found my boots:

I searched and searched the internet with little avail.  All the boots I found online were less than desirable.  So, I decided to take a trip to a nearby REI store.  After looking through all the women’s hiking boots and speaking with an REI employee, they informed me that they did not have any “non-leather” boots in their store.  They did however, give me a few websites that had non-leather boots.  When I returned home and visited the sites I was given, I found that all of the boots I saw were for men!  Though frustrated, I kept looking on the internet and I came across a Backpacker Magazine article that titled Editors’ choice 2013: Zamberlan 230 SH Crosser Plus GTX RR Boots which were made up of only man-made materials.  I quickly searched for a women’s version of these said boots, with success!  I quickly ordered them after some research; I found out that they were made up of gore-tex waterproof material, and they had corder nylon uppers.  After getting the boots, I took them out on a 15 mile hike, where my feet felt completely supported and comfortable.  I broke the shoes in to prepare them for my trip then set them aside, since I do not want to wear them out too much before my pilgrimage!  The only issue I have with these shoes is that I never want to take them off, not ever, even when inside!

         My amazing hiking boots:


I am so happy with my purchase.  I can’t wait to wear them every day on the Camino!

Pros: vegan friendly, waterproof, light weight (1 lb. 5 oz.), good support, vibram soles, comfortable, easy to break in, pretty color.

Cons: Price ($170)