hammocking in Logroño

Two days ago my group took a rest day in Logroño, a beautiful city on the Camino. When there, my friend Ashley and I decided to adventure around the city in search of a place to hammock (yes, I did use hammock as a verb). After attempting to hammock in the city and getting asked to leave by the police, we searched for a park! We found a perfect little park. We set up our hammocks as curious locals watched in awe, as many of them had never seen ENO hammocks before. Shortly after relaxing in the sunlight, four curious little boys between the ages 8-11 approached us. We let them try out our hammocks of course and I even played soccer with one of the little boys for awhile.
It was such a special, wonderful time. It’s moments like those that I am truly thankful for, the simple moments. Hammocking. Meeting locals. I will strive to embrace all of these precious, beautiful moments.
Every part of this trip has been amazing, I couldn’t be more thankful already and I’m only about 150 miles in! More stories to come. Stay true, live justly, and always travel on. Peace and Love.