About Me

Hi blog friends, my name is Amelia and this blog documents my travels in this beautiful world of ours.  I am a student at Pepperdine University where I am double majoring in international studies and philosophy.  I am in love with nature, I adore mountains and the ocean. I am an adventurer, barefoot walker, an animal lover, raw plant-based eater, and an aspiring traveler.  Although I mentioned some of the things that “I am” I don’t believe that my identity lies in such things.  I find my identity in something deeper, in my faith, the only place that I have found true freedom.  I will not be constrained by any labels; the thousands of labels that each of us give ourselves or the ones that society forces upon us.  I long for freedom and knowledge, for exploration, moreover, I long for travel.  To travel is to breathe, to live, to experience.  During summer 2014, I traveled to Spain for two months, became a pilgrim, and walked the Camino De Santiago.  I then lived in Florence, Italy for nine months, where I traveled to over 17 European countries and even visited Africa. During summer 2016, I traveled to Amman, Jordan for one month and studied Middle Eastern culture and Islamic faith and practice. I am currently in northern India doing a yoga certification program. After I complete this six week program I will be traveling with my mom and sister to Kolkata to volunteer with Sisters of Charities then I will be working with a nonprofit in a tribal village near Kolkata for a few weeks. This blog is my travel journal, my friend, and a place where blissful moments will be captured and shared. Live free and let the wind guide your travels. Peace and love.



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