dreams, magic and disneyland paris

Magic. What a special thing that is. Most need more magic in their lives, it’s something we all crave. Yet, it comes so easily to children. With their willingness and openness to their imagination, their ability to believe in the magic within all of their youthful hearts. Where did the magic go as we all grew up? Why do many of us get lost in the our own lives, often forgetting about the dreams we all once had? Well, I don’t know the answers to any of this. But, I do know that sometimes adopting childlike faith and excitement and retreating back to the world of magic can open up the doors to beautiful things. I opened up those doors yesterday as I walked through the doors of no other place than Disneyland in Paris. I went to disney world as a child and it was of course enchanting, but after years it’s easy to forget the magic of such a place. When I returned to disney world when I was about 17, it was wonderful but due to hardships in my life at the time, my time in the magical place wasn’t all that easy. However, things have changed now. I have tried to adopt a childlike mentality in many ways, especially in how I perceive the world and those around me. This childlike mentality made my time at disneyland both freeing and more magical than I could have ever dreamed.
Lacye and I arrived to disney on January 1st around 1:30pm. We had accidentally slept in but we decided to still head to disney! As we arrived we were blessed in only having to wait for about 10 minutes to enter the enchanting disneyland gates! As we walked into the “happiest place on earth” we heard frozen songs people played and walked through crowds of excited children who were watching a Frozen parade! I of course was excited and singing along as well, letting the child in me come out! The adorable downtown area was lit up with Christmas cheer.
After watching the adorable show we headed to the different areas of Disneyland. We first visited the enchanting castle and visited fantasyland, discoveryland, adventureland, and frontierland. We were able to ride many of the main attractions because the lines were not very long. My favorite was definitely space mountain! During my Disneyland visit I was of course wearing my Micky mouse ears the entire time and I was there. I also enjoyed the “it’s a small world” boat cruise. It was so beautiful and stood for the unity of all peoples. On the short cruise I was brought through various sections that represented the different regions in the world. All the small dolls in each section sang “it’s a small world” along with various other Christmas carols. At the end images showing the unity of all people from different cultures was shown. How beautiful is that? I love that Disney is representing such a meaningful cause as the unity of all, that’s a beautiful message for both adults and children alike. After exploring the park and embracing the beauty of newfound childhood excitement, the park eventually came to a close at 10pm with a special holiday castle light show. Lacye and I did not know what to expect for the light show, but we were excited to see it. I, however, had no clue at how elaborate the show would be. We watched in awe as various Christmas and Disney songs were played while the castle was clothed in beautiful colors! It was pure magic. There were also fireworks- amazing ones, far better than the ones we saw the night prior for New Years in Paris! The colorful fireworks were accompanied by a beautiful water color show. Various shades of colorful water soared through the air in an ever so perfect manor. It was hard not to smile at such a beautiful sight!
My emotions got the best of me as the song “if you just believe” came on. I know the song from the Polar Express and it definitely made me and Lacye both tear up a bit. The song talked about believing, about hope, and about peace. As the song talked about peace the word “peace” was projected on the building in many languages. That was such a special emotional moment. How special is was to stand in a crowd of strangers, seeing and hearing such a beautiful, meaningful universal message of love and peace. The show ended rather extravagantly and it was not finished there. As we walked out of the closing park, beautiful classical Christmas hymns were played, they sounded so angelic, so perfect. I’m not sure how Disney made me, 20 year old college student retreat back to childhood, but I’m thankful for that magical day. If more of us opened up our hearts and minds like children do, this world would be a far better, more love filled place. So, maybe not all of us have the opportunity to go to Disneyland in Paris, but that should not stop us. Everyday we should all strive to be more loving, accepting, peace oriented, and adopt a childlike excitement. For, this world is a beautiful place filled with beautiful people, it’s time we start noticing the beauty and magic within our everyday lives, I know it’s there. I challenge each of you to think back, think back to long ago. Think back to the time in your life where you had dreams. We all have had dreams and many of us have let go of our past aspirations. Why? Why as we grow up does the world seem so difficult and our dreams so unachievable? Well, there are many answers people could give to the previous said statements. Those statements, however, will do nothing and will not change anything. It’s up to us to adopt a more childlike love and outlook in the world. Disneyland invokes such a positive worldview because beauty, innocence and joy are projected everywhere. Let us all focus on the beautiful people in the world, on the positive aspects of our lives, and let us all open up our hearts to the magic within our everyday lives.
Stay true, live justly and always travel on. Peace and love.









One thought on “dreams, magic and disneyland paris

  1. Beautiful reflections. And so true! Glad you could have that experience on the first day of the new year. A good way to begin! Amaya your year be filled with many more magical days!

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