We arrived in Salzburg from Münich around 9:30pm. I immediately fell in love with the city when I first set my eyes upon it. We arrived in Salzburg at night of course, so it was too dark to see anything. On arriving to the city we were exhausted and I was beginning to feel ill, I’m sure due to lack of sleep, so we went to bed early. The next day, December 18th, was my 20th birthday and I am so happy I got to spend my birthday in such an incredible place. When we arrived to our hostel I immediately asked the woman at the desk about The Sound of Music Tour. She then explained that there were tickets I could buy in the hostel for the tour the following morning, on my birthday! Lacye and I decided to both splurge and buy the tickets. They were €35, which was totally worth it to me! The next morning we met with the other tour goers at around 8:45am, we then headed out to the meeting spot of the tour. At 9:00am we all boarded the large, colorful bus for the tour. I was so excited, I did not know what to expect at all. As we drove out of the city I was taken aback by how gorgeous Salzburg was. Our first stop was at a lake I’m the mountains. Here we saw the lake and house that was used in The Sound of Music, it was a breathtaking view! Next, we headed up into the mountains as we listened and sang along to the classic Sound of Music soundtrack. It was surreal to drive though the lusciously green mountains while singing songs including Edelweiss. We stopped at an adorable scenic spot that overlooked the small mountain villages on the outskirts of Salzburg. The architecture and layout of the villages reminded me of the cities in Val Gardenia at the Dolomites. We then stopped at a small hidden village where we saw the gazebo that was in sound of music’s 16 going on 17. After this stop we headed farther up the mountains and stopped at the small village that held the gorgeous church that held Maria’s wedding in the movie. It was nice to sit in such a special place, in silence, while praying silently in a magnificent sanctuary. After we explored the village for a bit we went to a suggested restaurant and each got a strudel. Instead of cake this year I had homemade apple strudel in an Austrian mountain village, it was special to say the least. After our time in the adorable village, we headed back to the city. Lacye and I explored the fountains and gardens in Salzburg then I stopped my a cute little dress shop. I have always wished to try on the Austrian styled dresses and my dream came true! After the stop at the small boutique, I found a small trail we decided to head towards. We ended up taking a small hike through the gorgeous hills that surround Salzburg. We walked up to the great fortress and saw various other monuments. The view was remarkable and the crisp, cool air was refreshing as brushed against my cheeks. I could not help but thank God as I looked down at the city below me. After our walk we headed to some cute Christmas markets where I Christmas concert was taking place! After exploring the markets we headed to dinner at a local Indian restaurant. Indian food is one of my favorite kinds of food and it’s hard to come by in Florence, so it tasted better then ever. After dinner we headed to the top of a huge hotel and looked down on the beautiful city as we drank and said “cheers” to a glass of champagne. After our time at the beautiful hotel we headed back to our hostel. Every night at 8pm our hostel would show the movie the Sound of Music and we made it back just in time to watch the film; it was the perfect end to a wonderful 20th birthday. I couldn’t have asked for a better day!
The next morning we woke up and explored the stunning city further. We walked along the beautiful bridges, through the tiny,crowded streets and visited a beautiful church where we sat and prayed for a bit. I then headed to the Mozart museum which is in the house where he was born and raised in Salzburg. Lacye didn’t want to go to the museum so we separated during this time. I loved the Mozart museum, it was remarkable. I saw letters from his father and mother, original pieces that Mozart had wrote himself. I also saw his childhood violin and the small piano he wrote various pieces on. I loved the museum and I felt that I was not only going for myself but for my family, especially my mom and sister Juliana. Both my mom and sister are wonderful musicians who I know would love to go to the Mozart museum so I went for them, I hope they can go themselves someday, I know they would have loved it. After the museum, Lacye and I took a bus back to the small mountain village where the Sound of Music gazebo stands. We went to the adorable Christmas markets in the small town. I loved the red Christmas decor that was present throughout the markets! After we frolicked in the fields in the mountains, marveled at the beautiful tree reflections in a small lake and revisited the gazebo, Lacye and I took a bus back to the city. We quickly picked our bags up from our hostel then headed out to Vienna! My time in Salzburg was magical and so wonderful, I know I will return someday! Until then I will hang onto the fond memories I have of the truly remarkable city.
Stay true, live justly, and always travel on. Peace and love.









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