We took a short train (no longer than 2 hours) to Frankfurt, it was now Friday, December 12th. After dropping our belongings off at our hostel in Frankfurt (it was literally across the street from the train station). We then headed back to the train station to spend the day in a small, nearby city Heidelberg, Pepperdine has another international program here. Heidelberg, after hearing about how darling the city was, we knew was must see while traveling through Germany. As we stepped out of the station I was shocked to find that the city looked large and very modern. However, after a short bus ride into Heidelberg’s city center, there was an immediate transformation. The city now looked like a fairytale Christmas wonderland minus the snow! We walked the adorable Heidelberg streets and also visited the city’s Christmas markets. I was shocked at how different the markets were from the others we had previously visited! In Heidelberg the markets were not only selling Christmas ornaments and Christmas decor but also many beautiful, Indian-looking products. There were many beautifully designed bags and Aztec looking items, bright colored lanterns and a beautiful array of stones being sold as well. I was so pleasantly surprised and it was a colorful sight to see. After exploring those markets we decided to roam the city. I found that there were various sweet, local coffee shops, it was adorable. I loved the comfortable feel of the city. We then hiked up to the castle and bought an inexpensive ticket to go inside of the castle. The view from the castle was breathtaking. When in the castle’s interior we found that there was a Christmas market going on there as well. We looked through the cute items and I marveled at the sweet moment in the fairytale like city. After the castle we found other little markets and food tents. We sat in one of the tents and had hot coco as we watched the sweet children ice skate in a nearby ice rink. After our hot coco I wanted to find Philosopher’s Way, a very famous walking path. We sound the beautiful path and hiked (more so walked) in the nearby woods. Again, the view from the top was great! When we finished our 2 hour walk we headed back to the train station and headed back to Frankfurt. Heidelberg was absolutely stunning and I hope someday to return.
Stay true, live justly, and always travel on. Peace and love.








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