I was told Frankfurt was a very industrialized city, similar to New York. This set me up not to have too high of expectations for my time there. However, I was surprised to find that Frankfurt, the money capital of Germany, is stunningly beautiful and I had a wonderful time in Frankfurt! After a long day of traveling and visiting Heidelberg, we decided to head back to our hostel and relax. Our hostel actually provided free pasta dinner every night, had a nice bar, and had free breakfast as well! After dinner we relaxed with the other travelers in the lounge and then went to bed. The next morning Saturday, December 13, we woke up early, I was excited to explore the city! In Frankfurt we headed towards the Christmas markets (surprise, surprise) where we got fresh fruit and walked around during the crisp morning! We then explored and wandered through the city, visited the center area then went to flea markets. I got an adorable watch at the flea market, it was so fun. After the flea market we passed a grand church and I instantly knew we should go in. As I stepped into the beautiful cathedral I heard an angelic voice singing. I then found out there was some sort of concert going on. I sat and relaxed as the building was filled with a sweet, angelic voice that seemed to calm my spirit.
After more exploration of the city we saw the euro monument outside of Germany’s central bank which also interesting. We then went to the top of a large shopping mall and sat on the roof staring out at the grand city. Afterwards, we headed back to the central markets as it was quite nice and found the most adorable market area. It had a carousel, adorable decor, and it was truly magical! After spending time there we decided to go back to the church we had visited earlier, we found that mass was about to begin! I really wanted to go to the mass as I had never been to one in Germany before, when Lacye (my travel buddy) agreed I was so excited. The church, the mass, the music, everything was beautiful. It brought me so much peace being in such a serene building. After mass we headed back to the fresh food markets. I bought fresh kale and veggies for a huge, delicious salad! We then went back to the hostel where we ate dinner and relaxed. I actually had a few applications I had to work on, so this worked perfectly. My time in Frankfurt, though short, was truly remarkable. I really did love that city and some of the moments I had there were so special. The next morning we took a two hour train to Berlin, where my adventures continued on.
Stay true, live justly, and always travel on.
Peace and love.





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