end of the year

So, after four months of new experiences, Florence life, exams, and travels, my semester has ended. These past few months have been extremely formative and I have grown drastically. It is strange for me to look back at myself, who I was, and my old perspective on the world, with this new worldview that has become apart of my character. I cannot stress how thankful I am for this year, my new friends and these beautiful opportunities I have been given. But, all things good have to come to an end. And my semester did. Let’s look back though, three weeks ago, because my perspective has definitely changed now that final exams and school stress are not apart of my life anymore!
I was asked to lead house church the day after I came home from Milan with my family. I decided to focus on peace; within ourselves, the world around us, and how we should each try to spread peace in all that we do. It was a time all together and I am so blessed to have had that opportunity to lead!
Before break we also did a thanksgiving dinner (on Tuesday instead of Thursday because of exams that week). The night before the dinner we all baked pies all together: Apple, pecan, and pumpkin! At home I make rolls every year for our dinner so I decided to make rolls for my entire group! The visiting faculty professors let me use their kitchen and myself and two other friends baked my special rolls! I was asked to do the opening thanksgiving prayer which was such an honor, especially as we all stood together, holding hands, united. We then each shared what we were thankful for. It was beautiful! The next week we (all the Pepperdine students) did a Christmas dinner and gift exchange at the villa. It was so much fun! That last week of school was actually very busy, not only with studying but with activities. We did a Christmas celebration, a formal gala with a five course meal, gingerbread house making, dinner at our director’s house, and other fun activities too! Though it was stressful with studying, it was still fun!
I have learned so much this semester, mostly the importance of family and relationships. I live to be in communion with others under love.
Now I am traveling for winter break! And, I can finally talk about my amazing experiences during my winter break in my blog posts to come!
Stay true, live justly, and always travel on. Peace and love.





















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