a sardinian adventure

I have always loved islands. As a child I visited Puerto Rico quite often, it was there that I fell in love with the sea. When I decided to travel to Italy for studying abroad,I knew I had to visit Sardinia. I had heard wonderful things about the island and when I arrived in Florence, so I immediately searched for inexpensive tickets to the majestic island. It turned out that Ryanair had great priced tickets to Alghero from October 3-5. So, this weekend my friend Zoë and I traveled to Alghero, Sardinia. I now sit on my flight to Pisa, thinking about the amazing weekend I just had! The short trip began early Friday morning where we left for Pisa around 3:30am! We arrived in Sardinia around 7:15am. We then bused from the airport to the apartment where we would be staying at for the next two nights. Our apartment was great, it even had a kitchen (which we definitely utilized), and the best part, it was right near the beach! The water was amazing, blue yet transparent and still. It reminded me of my time in Finisterre, Spain! The refreshing, chilling, salty water revived me on many levels. I felt so renewed as swam in the aquamarine, Mediterranean Sea. Sardinia was more beautiful than I could have ever imagined. After checking in, Zoë wanted to nap, so I headed out to the beach. I swam, read, and took in the islands beautiful sights, smells, sunlight, and the sensation of peace that this beautiful day brought me. After a few hours I headed back and made gnocchi for lunch for the two of us, I got to cook all weekend which I was so thankful for, I have really missed since coming to Italy. We spent the rest of Friday wandering around the gorgeous city, swimming in the glimmering sea, we then ended our day watching a gorgeous sunset, definitely the most beautiful I have seen yet in Italy. The day could not have been more perfect, after I made dinner we went to bed, the end of day one being one of my favorite yet here in Italy. I could have never dreamed about the amazing adventures we would have the very next day! We left the apartment around 10am on Saturday, stopped at a café for a quick cappuccino and then headed towards the boat dock. For 10 euro we were able to go on a beautiful boat trip around the beautiful Sardinian coast and then we were brought to a beautiful cave, Neptune’s cave. I had never been to an ocean cave before so we were quite excited, we got into the cave tour at a very minimal price and I was speechless. I had only heard about such places, seen them in movies or science books, to actually tour one was beyond my dreams. Walking through the cave overwhelmed both Zoë and I with so much joy. I was overtaken by the amazing, ancient cave. After a few hours of adventuring through the cave we headed on the boat for a gorgeous trip back to the dock. I could not believe how blue and transparent the water was. The blueness looked unreal to me, I had never seen such a place and I felt so blessed to have gotten to see such beautiful things. I was in the most beautiful place with such great company. Zoë and I met tons of people on the boat and during our time in Sardinia. Many tourists but many locals as well. Without the help of locals we would have never known which buses to take, where our hotel was, about the boat tour, and we probably wouldn’t have made in on this flight back home. The Sardinian people’s kindness was continuous and their genuine character was evident, it made me feel like I was home. And I was. After the boat trip we found an small, little restaurant where we had fresh, home-made pasta, definitely the best I have eaten this far in Italy. After lunch we wandered through he city, taking in the views, looking at all the various towers and historic cannons that were spread throughout this walled city. Sardinia is famous for its granita, so of course we got the icy dessert, which we ate while staring out into the beautiful sea. The weather was perfect, it felt like a sunny summer day. We then headed to the beach for a few hours where we swam, talked, and people watched. We decided to then go back to the same boat tour company and take their sunset boat ride called “Delfilandia”. That boat tour was probably the best 10 euro I’ve ever spent. The tour, though we did not see dolphins, was unreal. We headed out towards a different
part of the coast, searched for dolphins for a bit, and swam as well. While Zoë and I were walking around the boat we noticed the caption was sitting and steering the boat with his feet, “Only in Italy” I thought with a laugh. He then looked out at us smiling and motioned to us to come in with him. We did and he let us steer/drive the boat, for quite some time actually. I think he wanted a break, but we fully enjoyed the experience! He motioned to us to drive towards a small island, which we did, and he then stopped the boat so we could take a quick swim. It was a little breezy and people were hesitant to jump into the water at first, so I made the first move and jumped in! Shortly, various other people followed. The sun began to set and the sky became fuchsia. I could not believe the life I was living: I was swimming in the Mediterranean off the Sardinian coast during the sunset. It. Was. Unreal. It was amazing to share that special moment with my dear friend Zoë and with other travelers from all around the world. It was a dream, a happy, exciting dream. We met so many kind people on the small boat trip. And the sunset was literally perfect. While out at sea, I gazed at the pink clouds and realized that my heart was overflowing with endless joy. Those are the kinds of moments I live for and I cannot thank God enough for such glorious moments. We ended the night with a deep conversation over a delicious meal that I cooked. This morning we headed to the airport around 6:00am. I didn’t want to leave Sardinia where I felt at home, but I know that I will be back, I just know it. Tonight I am going to my first Fiorentina soccer game which is exciting so I knew that leaving Sardinia was not the end of my adventure. All next week (Tuesday through Saturday) I will be on an educational field trip to Sicily, I could not be more thrilled. So, here’s to adventures, to travel, and to this beautiful, wonderful life. Stay true, live justly, and always travel on. Peace and love.



















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