kind eyes

I did not have time this last week, but here is a post about last weekend:
So, this weekend has been quite a journey on many levels. I have really grown to love Florence. I recently got a used bike and it was probably the best choice I’ve made here yet. On Friday morning I biked around the city which definitely helped me to get to know the area better. But the best part was that I found a park past Point Veccio, about 7 miles from the villa. I biked around the park and found a beautiful area with tall trees, freshly fallen leaves, and pure air. I found a huge clearing of green grass, where the sun shown brightly and the crisp air smelled of fall. I sat in the sun and relaxed barefoot in the grass. I felt peace and I felt freedom. It felt worlds away from the busy city, I found my place. Afterwards I went to the Ufici and the Acedemia. Where I saw Bottocellis Birth of Venus along with many other amazing pieces of artwork. I then went to the San Lorenzo market where I picked up some uncooked fresh gnocchi and walnut sauce, all for under 4€! After, around 7, I headed towards Academia. There was no line to get in and when I saw The David, I felt as though time stopped. I was amazed at the beauty and how blessed I was to be only one of the 7 people there at the time. I know many people who go to The David and it is full of people, I was thankful for such a special moment. I sat for about 45 minutes awe struck. It was amazing to think about how many people had seen the vary statue that stood before me and to think about Michelangelo and his amazing work. I then headed back to the villa, where I cooked my gnocchi and enjoyed a peaceful night of study. The next day I headed to the Alpuni alps outside of the city of Carrara. I saw them the week before when coming back by train to Florence from Cinque Terre. I hiked the beautiful mountains, the same marble mountains that Michealangelo used as his medium for The David! The hike was stunning. After a week in the city I felt completely free in the mountains and I felt revived. On the train ride back I stopped by the city Viaggero. The city was gorgeous and I went to the beach and swam in the Mediterranean Sea for a few hours before I headed back to Florence. While at the beach I met a kind, older Florentine man who told me about his family and his travels, I live for moments like those. On the train ride home I accidentally went on the wrong train but I could not be more thankful for that mistake. I decided to sit near a sweet, older nun where a seat was free, and during the train ride we exchanged smiles and I noticed her kind, loving eyes. When I left the train she grabbed my hand and looked into my eyes with so much love as she said a quick “Ciao” as I left abruptly to catch my train. That moment, those eyes, her kind smile. That precious moment reminded me of what I say often, “One smile can change a persons day, a persons life. One smile can change the world”. I know now that this is true, her smile has given me hope. Because even as I travel, even when alone, I can think of eyes like hers, smiles like hers, and I will feel loved whether alone or in company. I hope to be that person for others as well. A person who helps others and who shows others that they are always loved and cherished. Stay true, live justly, and always travel on. Peace and love.






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