yellow arrows

7 days. 106 miles. Here. In this moment I sit in Logrono. A different person, even from yesterday. This trip has been life changing already. My perspective has changed in ways I never imagined. My faith stronger everyday. This experience has definitely been spiritually, emotionally, and physically tiring. But tiring in the previous sentence is used in a positive way. I have not been drained, but I have been stretched, molded, and changed which is exhausting in a good way.
Every step, every pilgrim I encounter, every medieval village I enter, every experience, is unique and changing. I have felt all spectrums of emotions as I have walked. Sometimes I walk alone. Other times, I travel with others. Every step, whether one of sadness or joy, I make with purpose. I take every step with a longing for growth, for renewal. The pure moments of peace that I have been feeling on this trip are new. I have many new feelings, new emotions, new thoughts.
Yellow arrows. All I must follow for the next four weeks are the arrows on my path to Santiago. These yellow arrows lead the way, they guide me, they keep me from straying from the correct path. Without the yellow arrows I would be lost.
What are the yellow arrows in your life? Are you following them?
I believe God will lead me in the right direction, that Jesus is the yellow arrow that will lead me to my destination. He will lead me to Santiago. He will lead me home.
But will we follow these sometimes invisible arrows?
When in one village a few days ago, an albergue used yellow arrows (similar to those on the path of the Camino) to lead pilgrims in the direction of their hostel. These deceptive arrows made it difficult for me to stay on the right path.
In life how will we know which yellow arrows to follow, when there are many around us, leading us in different directions?
Personally, I search and pray for the correct yellow arrows on my lifelong path to be made visible, to be clear. Sometimes they are difficult to see, but with yearning, open, faithful eyes I hope to see and follow the correct path, my path.
I’m sure the arrows in my life, like those on the Camino, may be lead me towards challenging routes. Even then, with determination, persistence, and the strength I find in Christ, conquering the mountains throughout my life, will be possible.
So. As I continue on my journey following the yellow arrows ahead of me, I challenge each of you to do the same. Even if each of us were to take a similar route or path, I have learned that our journeys would still be different. Our perspectives unique. Our steps divergent.
Stay true, live justly, and always travel on. Peace and Love.



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