day one

Day one of Camino is complete. I’m sitting in a small cafe in Roncesvalles, our first stop from Saint Jean in France. My feet are sore yet my soul is at rest. My normally racing mind, is now at peace. My heart is full and so contented. My happiness cannot be contained. This journey has begun and is better than I have imagined. Today began at 6am and we left for the 16 mile hike over the Pyrenees at 7am. My excitement could not be contained when our hike began, everything was surreal. But as we hiked up the steep mountain realization that this journey was really happening began to set in. As I traveled today carrying my 25 lbs. pack, it was definitely not an easy task. But as I became deep within prayer, I began to offer up the current pain. After the first 5 miles of intense incline the hike became very relaxing, the views breathtaking. My heart was whole as I walked along these paths, the ones that thousands of others have hiked before me. Every step I took I longed to make purposeful. I could not stop thinking about what a blessing the trip has already been. As I continue to open up my heart to The Lord, He keeps filling me up, making me new, giving me a new kind of purpose.

Today my one agenda will be to walk, for the next 5 weeks the agenda will remain the same. Walking. What a beautiful thing that is. Today I conversed with various individuals from the group I am traveling with, I could feel God’s presence within every conversation, every word spoken, in every thought. I also met various other pilgrims on the way, pilgrims from Germany, from France, from Spain. It was so amazing to see all of these people, who each have separate lives yet we come together to hike the Camino. The views on the Camino were breathtaking with rolling hills, mountains, grazing cows, horses, and sheep, the beauty of the flower covered prairies, I was constantly overwhelmed by all of these sights. I was unable to take many pictures today on my camera because the battery was dead, but this turned out being a blessing. I got to truly experience the Camino, indulging in every moment, not distracted by trying to capture them. I did take a few images on my cell phone, which I will share in this post.

Today pushed me in ways that I have never imagined. But getting to Rocesvalles felt like such a great accomplishment. 16 mikes down and 500 miles to go. I can’t wait to see where this path leads me, where God leads me. I can’t wait for all of my new friendships to grow, to flourish.
My heart is so full at this moment.
I know that this journey will be challenging but I will trek on, I will carry my cross with me as I go, striving to better myself, to grow spiritually, to pray for the needs of others.
Day one of my journey is finished but many more lie ahead.
Days of joy, of trials, of renewal. Days filled with purpose and of faith. I will carry on through it all, in the hope that Jesus brings. I pray that each of you will carry on as well.
Though each of our journeys are different we are all connected as pilgrims, our trails may vary, but our treasure lies ahead. Let’s live in thankfulness never forgetting the deep meaning within life. Always move forward, and always walk on. Stay true, live justly, and always travel on. Peace and Love.






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