Yesterday after we traveled to Avila we then headed to Segovia. Here is a brief history of this beautiful city:
Segovia, a city over 2,000 years old, is one of the most monumental sites in Spain. The aqueduct is a symbol of Segovia and was deemed a historical monument in the 19th century. The aqueduct that surrounds the city is one of the oldest and best preserved Roman monuments in the world. In 1492 a cathedral was built in the city, this cathedral served as a new tool for conversion and also displayed the power of the Catholic Church. After having lunch in Segovia we began our tour. We started with the aqueduct, then traveled to view the exterior of the Cathedral de Segovia. The cathedral in the center of Segovia has more of a romanesque, classical style than other cathedrals we have toured throughout our time in Spain. The intricate detailing and tall columns seemed to reflect a time period of eloquence. We ended our time in Segovia with a tour of the Alcazar castle. The Alcazar castle has beautiful artwork throughout the building including stained glass, statues, and paintings. The ceilings throughout the buildings had fine, unique details and distinct patterns. My favorite part of Segovia was touring the Alcazar castle because I enjoyed looking at the detailed medieval art pieces. Segovia is a historically significant city in Spain because alike with Avila, Segovia contains rich history of the Catholic Church. Segovia also displays Rome’s architectural impact on Spain. This Roman influence is shown throughout Spain as Rome’s classical style, like that in Segovia, is common throughout Spain’s architecture. Overall, Segovia is a beautiful city with amazing architecture. I loved touring and learning about this city’s history. I hope that Segovia’s history interests you as much as it does me, it is such a monumental, gorgeous city, I definitely want to go back again someday. Stay true, life justly, and always travel on. Peace and love.








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