Yesterday we traveled to Avila, a city outside of Madrid, here’s a brief history/reflection of the day trip:
Avila is known for its historic landscapes, buildings, romanesque basilica, and is the birthing ground of many saints. Avila is a very romanesque city, however in the center of Avila stands a 12th century gothic style cathedral. This cathedral is not only a religious place historically, but also a military power. Avila has noble palaces, homes constructed in the 15th and 16th centuries, some are quite gothic while others have roman influences. The city has stone walls and over 88 towers that surround the city. Avila is known for being one of the only cities to have complete, medieval stone walls. Saint Teresa of Jesus is marked throughout the city because the saint spent her life here in Avila. When we arrived to the city we first toured the large stone wall surrounding Avila, we then traveled to the Cathedral of Avila, a very romanesque building. We finished our trip with a tour of the Cathedral of Saint Teresa, which was my favorite part of our visit. The large cathedral holds a chapel that honors Saint Teresa. Multiple relics of the saint are displayed throughout the museum devoted to her. Some of the relics include her journal, rosary, and her finger. I have heard about Saint Teresa of Avila and the reformation she initiated in the Catholic church ever since I was a child. Because of this, visiting the cathedral devoted to her was extremely interesting and special to me. Avila is such a beautiful, historic, and holy place, this city has greatly impacted Spain’s religious culture and tradition of Catholicism.
The city was absolutely stunning. As I walked through the narrow brick roads, basking in sunlight, and taking in the beautiful european architecture, I could not help thinking this was all a dream. But this reality is so amazing, this world and her people are greater than I could have ever imagined. I am so blessed that I get to see the world, experience new cultures, widen my horizons.
If any of you travel to Spain I would definitely suggest stopping by Avila. Walking through such a historical city is so powerful, I wish everyone could experience this joys. I will cherish every moment while I am here. As I take off for the Camino, I will walk in thankfulness and in humble prayer.
Stay true, live justly, and always travel on. Peace and Love.






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