a night in france

Tomorrow is the big day, day one of the camino. It’s 10:28pm here but excitement has prevented me from sleeping right now. Tomorrow my day will begin at 6am and we will begin our hike at around 7am. I am somewhat nervous but I know with determination the 16 miles should not be too difficult. Today we arrived in St. Jean a small city in France around 4pm.
St. Jean is such a quiet, quaint place, I love the people here, they are so dear. It’s so interesting after one day of travel entering a new country, with a completely foreign language, but it is also so exciting and completely surreal.
On arrival we went to get our first pilgrim stamp which was exciting and emotional for me. It’s such a special thing, knowing that this trail, hiked on by many will soon be hiked by me. I will soon join camino’s pilgrim family. Before getting my pilgrim stamp I picked out a shell to attach to my pack, since that is the symbol and tradition of the Camino. I picked the first shell I saw, one that has a deep salmon color, one that was different from the rest. The other shells, though equally beautiful, were not suited for me, this shell was meant for me, and will be with me on this journey. To me the shell represents the Camino community, these shells, these symbols connect all of us pilgrims together. The lines on the shell represent all of our separate lives that come together on the trail. We all come from different places yet our destination is the same. Our journeys unique but our paths connected. So tonight here I am in France preparing to hike 500 miles across Spain. Am I crazy? Well maybe I am, but I know this trip is the beginning of a new chapter in my life. A chapter of growth, prayer, faith, determination, and new experiences.
Stay true, live justly, and always travel on. Peace and love.






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